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Create High-Quality Web Albums In Three Steps

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  AlbumWeb is an authoring tool that allows you to create engaging, full-featured HTML albums or slideshows from images, video and voice-over narrations. With its simple interface and wizards, you can easily organize items into an album, edit photos, choose an album skin from a large library of built-in themes and share your digital memories with friends and relatives. The end result can be published online, sent by email, or saved to local folder.
   The program can also be extended with plug-ins, letting you publish web albums to new formats and destinations. For example, you can save the photo album to Macromedia Flash or publish directly to Picasa and Flickr! With AlbumWeb, there is no need to know photo retouching tricks, CSS and HTML. Taking care of all the heavy lifting, the program lets you create engaging web albums right out of the box, regardless of creative ability or experience.
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Three Steps to Create Web Albums

With AlbumWeb, you can jumpstart your web album project in three simple steps.

1. Create an album
AlbumWeb allows you to import images and even folders with images in a few clicks. Once the files are in the web album, they can be arranged in any order, sorted by different criteria and rotated. Click on the item and you can enter its properties, such as name, description, keywords, rating, slideshow delay time and background sound. The program gives you everything you need to make a professional digital web photo album quickly. Click to show video tour
Click to show video tour

2. Edit images
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Click to show video tour
Every image loaded into AlbumWeb can be enhanced and elaborated by using a variety of pre-made image transformations and effects. You'll be able to flip, rotate, crop and resize images. As you get more comfortable you can use more advanced tools to remove the red-eye, adjust hue, saturation, lightness, and apply effects, such as Emboss, Charcoal, Oil-Paint, and Shadow. Make further enhancements to each image by adding text and graphics.

3. Publish an album to the web
Finally, when the web album is created, you can package your project and publish it to different destinations with several distribution wizards. For example, you can generate an HTML album and upload it to the FTP server, send photos by email as a ZIP attachment, or simply save to local or network folder. By installing additional plug-ins, you can enable the program to upload the photos to Picasa, Flickr, or output the project to Macromedia Flash! Click to show video tour
Click to show video tour
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At a Glance
   The scope of features available in AlbumWeb puts you in complete control over the look and behavior of your photo album or slideshow. There are over 200 features to customize, some are mentioned below.
Create nice albums easily - AlbumWeb provides a point-and-click design environment to bring images, video and sound together to create a nice album or a slideshow with over 60 transition effects. You can select a theme from the library of the pre-built album skins or create a theme from scratch using the built-in editor.

Organize photos Organize images into chapters - In AlbumWeb, you can create the unlimited number nested chapters used to organize photos within an album. Chapters can be public, or private, which are not intended for sharing. You can view chapter content in two modes. In the first mode, the program displays all photos of the selected chapter and all other chapters inside, while in the second mode, the user can see the photos of the selected chapter only.

Edit image properties - AlbumWeb offers a set of wizards to edit properties of imported files quickly. All you have to do is to key in the name, description and keywords for a file, set rating, specify slideshow timing and background music. Properties can be set for each photograph individually, or for several selected files all together.

Edit images Add image effects - AlbumWeb is jam-packed full of image effects, each of which comes with its own wizard. The user can rotate, crop and resize the image; adjust hue, saturation, brightness; apply Emboss, Charcoal, Oil-Paint effects, as well as add watermarks, shadows, 3D frames, text and pictures. The program allows you to apply or delete effects to each photo individually, or to several selected photos at once. All image changes are stored and displayed in the album, while the original photos on the hard drive do not get changed.

View slideshow - The user can view images as a slideshow in AlbumWeb. Images are displayed with transition effects between photos. Special effects for AlbumWeb can be made in any image editor.

Preview album - AlbumWeb offers a built-in viewer to let the user see the results of editing. At any point of designing the project, you can preview the album and make further enhancements.

Sound properties Add voice-overs - AlbumWeb has a built-in recording wizard to record a voice-over narration for each photo right from the program at the same time as editing the image properties. Adding voiceovers is a great way to create engaging album projects that will keep the viewers interested all the way through the demonstration.

Add keywords - The user can attach keywords to photographs, chapters and album, which a good if you want to the album on the Web. Keywords will help you to attract more visitors from search engines.

Import / export chapter data - AlbumWeb imports information about chapters and photographs in Microsoft Excel (.CSV) and exports to the same format with the powerful import and export wizards.

Send to E-Mail - AlbumWeb sends photos by email with a special wizard. The photos are archived to ZIP automatically and the package can be split into several messages by the size defined by the user.

Upload to FTP - AlbumWeb allows you to upload albums or photos to an FTP server to share with friends, relatives and other people on the Web. With the dedicated wizard, uploading to FTP is a matter of a few clicks.

Save to disk - The user can save albums and photos locally on the hard drive. Enjoy your digital memories in a close circle of relatives, further edit images in external editors, or paste them to MS Word or other applications.

Plug-ins - Want to have more options to share albums? Additional plug-ins can help you enhance AlbumWeb with many new abilities, such as uploading images directly to Picasa, Flickr, or generating a Flash album.

No need Java-machine - To View ready Html album visitor don't need Java machine and so on installed on PC. They can use any Internet Browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc) to view your albums and photos.

Vista-ready - AlbumWeb is compatible with the latest OS from Microsoft. Enjoy full support of Windows Vista and Windows 7!

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    I want to thank you for a wonderful product, AlbumWeb, which I find very useful for our SantaVision.TV Christmas project. AlbumWeb saves me nearly four or more hours of creating thumbnails and other authoring activities on a daily basis.
    I very strongly recommend AlbumWeb to anyone who wants to create exciting web pages using videos on their site. For the cost of this product, it's well worth the investment !!!

Andy Soltesz
CEO ColossoVision Canada

    If you want to have a program that makes Web Albums easily, then AlbumWeb is your program.
    Its interface is easy to navigate, and I learned most functions, including the more advanced options in a matter of minutes.
    I created my first album to be uploaded to my site and presented in less that an hour.

Gregg Oliphant

Thank you very much for the awesome software. I have been messing around with some of the larger applications that would make an web album, like Photoshop, and was extremely disappointed with the ease of use and the final results.
    Last night I found your software and it was exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use and produces outstanding albums.

Robert Wieberdink editors have called the Album Web program "the best among the like".

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