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Any page of the your gallery can contain a set of command buttons called Menu bar. The page can contain several menu bars that can be placed at any side of the page (top, bottom, left, right). The user can insert menu bars to HTML template by using template keywords [page.{menu_bar_name}].


To customize the menu bar, use Modify.. button under Navigation group of the theme editor categories.




In the upper left part of the dialog, there is a list of images, which the menu consists of.


The following buttons can be used to modify it:



Add - adds a new command menu button


Insert combo box with pages list - adds combo box with pages to menu bar


Insert pages list - adds list of pages to menu bar


Break controls from the current position - adds break line from the current position


Delete - deletes the selected button from menu




Move left and Move right - moves the selected button to the left or to the right



In the upper right part of the dialog, there are buttons to store / load menu bars.



Import from image - imports the menu bar from one image that contains 8 and 9 lines of images


Load - loads a previously saved file with the menu settings


Save - saves menu settings to file


A mouse click on the menu button activates the relevant options. The following can be set to the button:


1. Link to - address which the button is linked to. The address can look like URL address or keyword.

2. Target - name or type of target page, which the button is linked to. This field can contain the name of the frame to display the page.


The possible values for this parameter are:


_blank - Load the link into a new unnamed window

_parent - Load the link into the immediate parent of the document the link is in

_self - Load the link into the same window the link was clicked in

_top - Load the link into the full body of the current window


3. Label text - text bellow the button

4. Image file name - file name of the button image

5. Image ALT text - ALT text for the image (usually in browsers ALT text is shown as a tooltip, when you place the mouse over it)


If necessary, you can disable image viewing, button texts, using the relevant checkboxes.


In the Position group, you can select the position of the menu bar.



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